Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi


After Muku, we continued our hunt for the best ramen in Calgary. This time we visited Shikiji on Center st N and 15 ave NW. Prior our visit, we made reservations to prevent the wait on the busy weekend.

The restaurant is fairly big, with simple Japanese interior design. You can seat comfortably without feeling too close to other tables of customers.

Unlike Muku which specializes in ramen, Shikiji offers only 4 different types of ramen- soy, shio, miso and chili goma ramen. In addition to ramen, Shikiji also serves other Japanese dishes e.g., udon, donburi and sushi.



For starter, we ordered takoyaki ($6 for 6 pieces). You could hardly see the tako balls because they were completely covered by the katsuobushi (bonito flakes). The tako balls were crispy on the outside with big bits of octopus inside. They were a bit mushy inside though. Despite that, Shikiji did a better job than Muku with the takoyaki.


Before our ramen had come, we were each given a mortar and pestle with sesame seeds, along with dried garlic flakes, chili powder and hot chili oil  to create our seasonings for the soup.

Soy Ramen

Soy Ramen

Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen

Finally, our ramen arrived! All the ramen broth is pork based. My soy ramen ($10) came with scallions, bok choy, bbq pork in soy soup base. Kev’s shio ramen ($10) came with scallions, bok choy, seaweed in salt soup base. Both of us asked for fatty pork (instead of the lean pork) for our ramen. The ramen were slightly untraditional and had the Chinese twist to it as it was rare to see bok choy in traditional Japanese ramen. The noodles were chewy and the fatty pork slices were a bit bland but soft. The soy soup base was slightly saltier than the one for shio ramen.

In general, I think Shikiji provides good service and offers decent food. We don’t mind coming back to try its other Japanese dishes. However, in terms of ramen, I will continue to search for the one that provides the quality I’m looking for.

My review: Shikiji is like the pot of gold assorted chocolate. It is a place where you can bring friends and family to. It offers a variety of choices which can fulfill different people’s preferences.

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